you are entering the next
level of information
technology world

We are now living in the digital information technology era, we replaced every elements
of our living with technology. Therefore cinda logika grafia offers you the components to live,
to work, to be productive , to change the world by focusing in the innovation of technology
trends such as artificial intelegence(ai), machine learning, big data cloud computing.

short story

Cinda Logika Grafia is a information technology company that provides solutions of problems and needs in the process of business. created by young professionals that have years of experiences in the world of technological information, CLG committed to be one of the best technological information and industry 4.0 provider as well as actively being part in developing the prcess. therefor clg presents the first services of sofware development, integrated system, digital agency and it infrastructure by analizing deeper and provides solutions with integrity, efectivity and eficiency.

vision and mission


Become the pioneer of technological information company based on research and innovation that provides high quality integrated solutions as well as contributed positively to the whole ecosytem that included.


  • To support human resources in technological information who expertise in each technical specific fields but also has sense of awarness ini humanity.
  • Focusing on researching of the technological information trend in the future such as artificial intelegent, Robotic learning, Big Data, cloud computing, internet, etc.
  • Developing many services/producs of technologial information that innovative, efective, reachable for small business to help them grow.
  • Cooperate with goverment, educational institutions, and industrial business to colaborate in providing solutions that based on integrated technology that giving positive impact to society.